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Turkey's foreign trade volume shrinks in February

Turkey's foreign trade volume continues to shrink in February, with falls in exports at 6.0 percent and in imports at 7.2 percent, according to the data released by Turkstat on Tuesday.

Eklenme: 31 Mart 2015 10:37 - Güncelleme: 08 Nisan 2016 01:58

According to the data, produced with the cooperation of the Turkish Statistical Institute and the Ministry of Customs and Trade, exports fell to 12 billion 272 million dollars and imports fell to 16 billion 927 million dollars in February.

In the same month, foreign trade deficit decreased by 10.2 percent from 5 billion 186 million dollars to 4 billion 656 million dollars. In February, exports coverage imports rose to 72.5 percent, up from 71.6 percent in February 2014.
Istanbul, (DHA)

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